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Front Porch Home Inspection provides thorough, professional radon testing services in Oregon. Radon is a hazardous radioactive gas that has been found to cause lung cancer, and it’s undetectable without specialized equipment. Radon has been found in homes and buildings across the United States, but it’s particularly common in the Pacific Northwest. If radon is detected, the process for mitigation is usually hassle-free and can effectively lower radon levels.

Experienced, Professional Service

As a Certified Professional Inspector (CPI) with 15 advanced certifications, I’ve conducted radon gas testing services in Oregon for countless homes over the years. Like you, the safety and well-being of my family is my top priority. That’s why I offer the most thorough home inspection and radon testing services in Oregon to homeowners and real estate firms. Without a professional test, there’s no way to know if dangerous radon levels plague your home. I’ll examine every nook and cranny in your home to give you peace of mind that it is safe to inhabit.

Know Your Home’s Condition

Once your inspection is complete, you’ll be able to access an interactive report that details my findings. This comprehensive and convenient report includes photos and will be available online as a downloadable PDF file for your convenience. This report has proven to be a valuable resource for homebuyers and real estate agents alike. I’m happy to talk through the results of my inspection to help you fully understand the condition of your home.

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I’ve been in your position before, and I know the importance of a detailed, professional home inspection. I treat every client’s home or real estate property as if it were my own—with the utmost respect and attention to detail. Contact Front Porch Home Inspection today at 503.410.4172 to schedule a radon gas testing service in Oregon.


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